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Mason | 5 years


Dear Mason,

You are beautiful.  Inside and out.  I have had the absolute joy of photographing you since you were born 5 years ago.  Where has the time gone?  In the last 5 years, we’ve seen you dance and sing, laugh and play, and bring so much happiness to your parents’ lives and to all those who have had the pleasure to meet you.  Through your parents and friends, we’ve heard many stories of how you share with others and how you give of yourself.  You’ve shared  Easter eggs with other little kids during the hunt when they didn’t get any of their own.  Instead of wishing for dolls and toys for your birthday, you asked that guests pick out items that dogs and cats at a local shelter need to survive.  And you volunteer at that shelter.  You’ve become great friends with my little Remington.  When he fusses, you always find a way to make him smile.  Like singing songs to him and sharing your favorite toys with him.  What a great friend and role model you are to him!  I love your spirit, Mason, your love for others, your desire to be a vet, a photographer, a baker, a helper at Uncle Reggie’s shop, and several other careers, all of which involve helping others.  You are such a bright light in this world!  Congratulations on your graduation from pre-school and best wishes to you as you start kindergarten in the fall – I am so proud of you!  You are such a special young lady, and I am so honored to know you!  Hugs!!!  Now that I’ve dried my eyes, here are a just a few of my many many many favorites from our spring afternoon – well, it actually felt more like summer, didn’t’ it?!  Friends and family can view Mason’s entire online gallery here.

Such a cutie!!!

Totally a favorite!  

And then Mason changed into one of her favorite dresses!  Love it!


It was just one of those days when everything was awesome, extra awesome.  
The light.  That expression.  Her eyes.  I love my job!  

When wearing such a fun dress, it’s only fitting that you’d twirl!

This next series is one of my favorites.  I had such a difficult time choosing just a few favorites.  
Can you blame me?

Oh, Mason, you are such a doll!
Mason always has the cutest clothes!  I love this layered dress with sequins!  So fun!

You are too cute, Miss Mason!  And your giggles are the best!  
Thank you thank you thank you for such a fun afternoon!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely STUNNING!!! What a BEAUTIFUL little girl inside & out!!!


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