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Joe + Stacy + Raegan + Remington Lynn


I’ve simply adored this family ever since meeting them for the first time last summer!  We had celebrated Raegan’s first birthday, and now she’s a big sister!  Just wait until you see Miss Remington Lynn!  Don’t you love her name?  Of course, I do!  And I’m pretty smitten with her too!  I had the happy honor of documenting their new life together at just 4 days old!  Raegan was still adjusting to becoming a sister, and wasn’t quite ready to hold Remington yet…however, I’ve seen photos of the two of them together since then, and it was the cutest thing ever!  I can’t wait to get them both in front of my camera again!  For now, I am so excited to show you this sweet family of four!  Joe, Stacy, Raegan, and Remington, you are so wonderful!  Thank you for the honor of capturing this special time in your lives!  Friends and family can view their entire online gallery here!  And now for some favorites from our morning!

We started the day in Remington’s adorably cheerful nursery!
Hi there, Raegan!
P.S. Love both of these!

Love this!

Another favorite!

Raegan enjoyed some snuggles, laughs, and tickles before it was her nap time!

Another favorite!  So sweet!

 Proud Daddy! 

Soooo sleepy!  Another favorite!

Stacy, you are beautiful!  


 Miss Remington Lynn was fast asleep for most of the session, 
except when she was put in her crib for just a few minutes!  

Adorable, simply adorable!

Love her checkered flag bloomers!  She is a May baby after all!

Sweet baby feet and toes!  Gaaahhh!

Long beautiful lashes!

I can hardly resist sweet little baby feet!!!

Stacy mentioned that Raegan had a similar pink outfit when she was born, 
so we had to do something like it for Remington Lynn!

The sweetest face, oh my goodness!

Joe, Stacy, Raegan, and Remington Lynn, thank you for sharing your morning with me!   
The gentle, loving nature of your adorable family was such fun to capture!  
Congratulations to you on welcoming your newest family member to the world!  Remington Lynn is absolutely beautiful and sweet as honey!  
  1. Anonymous says:

    PRECIOUS!!! All shots are just so AMAZING of this happy little family!!! I LOVE the name too … GREAT job, Stephanie!!!


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