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Love | Shelby + Cody


Ohhhh…this couple!  Where do I begin?  First, they are just so adorable together!  Second, they are totally and completely smitten with each other.  Third, my camera just loved them, and so did I!  It just so happens that I photographed Shelby’s senior portraits a few summers ago.  I was so excited when she contacted me a few months ago mentioning that she would love to have some portraits of her and her boyfriend, Cody.  We agreed to wait for spring weather so we could get outside.  And what perfect spring weather we had the day of their session!  We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

These two met where they work, and enjoy spending their free time hanging out with family and friends, shopping and strolling around various parts of the city together.  They make each other smile and laugh, which was truly so fun to document.  Shelby and Cody are genuine, sweet, funny, and easy-going, and easy on the eyes.  Their love and happiness was a joy to capture, and I have so many favorites from our evening session.  Friends and family can view their entire online gallery here.

A favorite!

Shelby, you are gorgeous!  Your smile and laughter is contagious! 

These two were so good at snuggling and just soaking each other in. 

Although this image was captured in a fairly public spot, with wind blowing and cars speeding by, 
they didn’t let it phase them one bit.  

We walked a few blocks and found the perfect spot with amazing light and gorgeous lilacs.  I adore the images in this next series.  I could have stayed here all night photographing these two in this space!

And I couldn’t resist including their sneak peek on Facebook.  Love both of these!

Don’t they have the best smiles?

Luckily, there were still some pretty pink blossoms at our next location.  I just love spring!

We ended our session with such an amazing colorful evening sky!  

Shelby and Cody, thank you for such a wonderful evening!  
You two are so sweet and so much to be around!  What an honor it was 
for me to capture this happy time in your lives!   I wish you all the joy in the world! 

  1. Anonymous says:

    LOVED all of them and especially the evening sunset …. so BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks like they were having such a GREAT time!!!


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