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Diana | 4 years


I am always so excited to photograph this cute little lady!  Diana recently celebrated her 4th birthday, and had fun telling me all about it!  I love her spunk, her sweet smile, her little giggles, those gorgeous eyes, and, of course, her curly strawberry blond locks!  The last time we hung out, it was a chilly December day, so we welcomed this bright and beautiful spring morning!  Diana’s Mom scouted out some great locations near their home.  We explored the woods with some wild flowers and a giant rock.   Then we watched Diana dip her toes in the water along the sandy beach before finding another spot along some trails.  It was a perfect day!  Friends and family can view Diana’s entire online gallery here.  And now for some of my favorites from our day!

Hello, Sunshine!
Love both of these!

One of my absolute favorites!  

And this one too!  Those sparkling eyes!  
Diana, you are beautiful!


After a quick wardrobe change, it was time for the beach!  Diana couldn’t wait to step into the water!
Although it wasn’t that cold for early May, I wouldn’t have wanted to jump in!  😉


I’ll end with another favorite.  I adored her quiet moments during our session, the ones where she forgot that I was there with my camera, where she simply enjoyed being in the moment.  As we said our goodbyes for the day, she gave me a big hug.  And with that, she had made my day. 

Diana, thank you so much for sharing your morning with me!  
I loved hearing about your birthday and turning 4 years old!  You are such a doll!


  1. Anonymous says:

    She is BEAUTIFUL!!! The pics are just ADORABLE!!! GREAT job, Stephanie!!!


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