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Happy (belated!) Mother’s Day to all moms, moms-to-be, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, all those who serve as a mother to someone in this world, and those we remember in our hearts!  You are the best!  And I hope you got to spend some time with those you love!

We traveled to my parents’ house to visit with my Grandma and my Uncle Mike, who traveled from Florida to spend time with his Mom!  It was so fun!  We enjoyed a delicious lunch with our family’s favorite pizza (Pizza King!), salad, breadsticks, and a carrot cake that I baked for dessert.  We took Lucy along as well, and she enjoyed playing with Uncle Mike!  I had also packed my camera to get a few snapshots of our day.  

Remington with his Great Uncle Mike!
Me and my sweet Mom!

Remington loves cars and anything with wheels, so when he sat down to spin the wheel on this, I couldn’t resist!

Love his little curls!  
When we found out we were pregnant, I prayed that my child 
would be blessed with Reggie’s curly/wavy hair!  

Some raindrops had started to fall, however, this little guy didn’t feel like going inside.

My mom snapped this photo of me and my son, and I love it!  We had to take several, as he was twisting and squirming in my arms to get down and run barefoot through the wet grass.  

Grandma and her grandson!

We walked around the yard in the golden glow of the evening.  My parents have a gigantic lilac bush, which smelled so amazingly wonderful!  I love Remington’s little scrunchy face when we asked him to smell the flowers!  Ha!

Little did I know that being a parent could bring such immense joy.  This precious gift makes me smile, makes me laugh, and reminds me to live in the moment, as much as possible, each and every day.  
And for that, I’ll be eternally grateful.   
I love you, my sweet Remington!  On this Mother’s Day, I truly felt like I was the lucky one. Thank you for your sweet hugs and kisses and the way you make me melt when you call me your mama.  

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