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My dear friend is expecting her second child in just a few short weeks!  She wanted to capture this special time since she didn’t have maternity photos taken during her first pregnancy.  Audrey and I have been friends since meeting our freshman year at Indiana University.  We’ve run countless miles together, with dogs, and with our kiddos.  Our two boys have become great friends too, which makes us so excited and happy!  They both love cars, trains, animals!  And soon we’ll all be swooning over a sweet baby girl!  I just cannot wait to meet her!  Audrey, I’m so excited for you and your family!  Here are a few favorites of my beautiful friend from our afternoon in the studio!

I love everything about this one!  

We had to have some pink…and a flower crown was a must!


I love Audrey’s style!

Audrey, thank you so much for the honor of documenting this exciting time!  You are such a wonderful mother.  Your baby girl is going to be such a little beauty…and she will absolutely adore you!  Sooo excited for you!!! xoxo

Maternity | Audrey


To say that I’m excited for this couple is a complete understatement.  Leah and Daniel are expecting their first little bundle of love in December!  They are having a baby boy, and I am just over the moon thrilled for them!  I’ve had the honor of photographing their engagement and wedding, maternity announcement, and now their delightfully sweet maternity session!  Leah and Daniel met me at one of my favorite parks, when the leaves were vibrant yellow!  Since they had never been there before, I showed them some trails and playgrounds where they can someday bring their little guy and tell him all about how Mommy and Daddy came to this very same place before he was born.  And they can tell him just how very excited they were thinking about holding him, snuggling him, and sharing nature’s beauty with him!  Leah and Daniel, I hope you enjoy some of my many favorites from this gorgeous autumn evening!

Throughout the session, Daniel would just stare at his wife, mesmerized by her.  And so this image is definitely a favorite of mine.  


Daniel was standing off to one side while I took some portraits of Leah.  He kept telling her how beautiful she was, right then, right there, in that light.  I totally agree with you, Daniel! 

A favorite!

Leah, you are beautiful.  Truly beautiful.  

Yes, the scenery is quite lovely.  The way these two held each other and just breathed together is my favorite part. 

Leah and Daniel brought along the cutest little baby shoes as well as one of their favorite pieces of decor from their son’s nursery!  Jackson is such a fantastic name!

We were blessed with some pretty amazing light during their session, and I just couldn’t let them leave without soaking in some of the last bit of the evening light!  A favorite!

Leah and Daniel!  I know I’ve told you a hundred times how happy I am for you, so I’ll just say what 
an honor it has been to document each of these wonderful occasions in your lives since meeting you a few years ago.  You’re about to embark on one of life’s most amazing-crazy-awesome-miraculous adventures together, and I’m so excited to see your sweet family grow!  Baby Jackson, I cannot wait to meet you!  xoxo

Maternity | Leah + Daniel


As we strolled around the gorgeous grounds of the IMA during their engagement session, they told me they’d be contacting in a few years for family photos.  Their wedding day was one that I’ll never forget. It was beautifully perfect from beginning to end.  A few months back, I received a phone call from Leah.  I had a feeling that I knew what she was going to tell me, and I was hoping so much that I was right!  I got chills as she told me that she and Daniel were expecting their first child in December!  If you’re lucky enough to know these two, you know that they are going to make amazing parents!  They are genuinely sweet, kind, warm, and witty.  Just cool people with the biggest of hearts.  Sharing the joys of life side by side with their new little one will be so very special.  With the threat of rain and the insanely hot and humid temperatures the day of their session, we opted to stay cool in the studio for their maternity announcement photos.  And I cannot wait for their maternity session coming up later this fall!  Leah and Daniel, I am SO excited for the two of you!  What an honor it is to document this next season – truly an extraordinary and magical one – in your lives!  I cannot wait to see you soon for your maternity session!


You two are so cute!

And Baby Wirkk, I cannot wait to meet you in a few short months!!! You are already loved so much!

Maternity Announcement | Leah + Daniel


It seems like just yesterday I was meeting with Jenny to deliver her wedding album.  We sat in the coffee house reminiscing over their Big Day (which was just over 2 years ago!) and their super fun Day After session.  We joked about excuses to get together for more photos because we had had so much fun together!  Fast-forward to a few months ago.  I opened an email from Jenny in which she let me in on an amazing little secret.  I get goosebumps while writing this, just like I did when I read her message.  She and Eric were expecting their first little one, and they wanted me to capture this exciting time so that they could share it with family and friends in the coming weeks!  I was overjoyed for them, and felt so honored to share in this top secret mission with them!  As soon as I saw Jenny walk toward me, my eyes welled up with tears!  Jenny and Eric, I am beyond excited for the two of you!  Parenthood is an amazing journey, with all sorts of twists and turns worth every single second!  You are going to be absolutely amazing parents!  And Vivi is going to be the perfect big sister!  Thank you for trusting me with such an exciting and special announcement…cannot wait to meet Baby T in November!!!  As you will see by all the hugs and smiles, they are full of joy and happiness, making them a breeze to photograph!  Now for some of my favorites from our evening!

Hi Vivi!
A favorite!
Love this!  Jenny, you are beautiful!


Despite chilly the temperature, we had beautiful light.

Cutest baby shoes!

Vivi, you are going to love being a big sister! 🙂

Love both of these!

 Gah! Adorable. You two are adorable. Period.

I’ll end with this photo. Just look at how proud Vivi is!  

Jenny and Eric, thank you for such a fun session!  
I loved seeing just how excited you are to welcome the newest member of your family!  
Cannot wait for November! 

Maternity Announcement | Jenny + Eric


It seems like just yesterday we hugged and celebrated at their wedding, and now my dear friend, Julia, and her husband, David, are expecting their first little one, a baby boy!  I recounted the time we just so happened to bump into each other at Disney World at night back in the sixth grade.  I should also mention that Julie and I went rollerblading for the first time together.  She had moved away from my hometown, and we spent a few days visiting each other over the summer.  We had heard about renting rollerblades and thought that would be a fun adventure.  Oh, what an adventure it was!  Luckily, the kind soul who rented us the rollerblades also highly recommended safety equipment, such as a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads.  Especially since this would be our first journey on 8 wheels.  Thank goodness we heeded his advice and wore every piece of that safety equipment!  Let’s just say that we ended our journey on the ground after diving over a parking lot chain.  We laughed so hard, mostly to keep from crying from embarrassment more than anything!  Good times, right, Jules? 😉  For their session, we went back to this same park, a park where these two happened to frequent when they lived in Indianapolis.  I love that they chose a location that has a lot of meaning for them.

And now here we are both expecting our first child, a boy!   Would you believe that our due dates are a mere 2 days apart?  Yep!  If only we lived closer together!  Julia and David, I am so excited for you both!  You are going to be the best parents to this lucky little guy!  It was so much fun and such an honor to capture this special time in your lives.  Little did I know the day of our session also happened to be David’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, David!  Here are some of my favorites from your session!  Friends and family can view their entire online gallery here.

A favorite!

Another favorite right here.

Just think how much their son will love looking at these photos of his parents one day!

Julie, you are so beautiful!  

Thank you so much for such a sweet session!  
I cannot wait to meet your little one – it won’t be long now!  Can’t believe it!  
So excited for you and your family!

Maternity | Julia + David


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