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This session was such an incredible honor for me…one of my best friends is expecting her first baby, a little girl!  Ashley and Ben, I’m so, so, so very excited for you both!  I know you will be absolutely amazing parents to your new little one!  I cannot wait to meet her!  Your friendship means so much to me.  I’m so lucky to know you both.  And your baby girl couldn’t have asked for better parents.  Now on to the images before I get too sappy!

I’ve had this location in mind for over a year…and what a perfect occasion!
We had such amazing light throughout the session.  Even more amazing than the light?  This sweet couple!
Beautiful light surrounding beautiful momma to be!


 So sweet!
Seriously, could you two be any more adorable? 
I just love both of these. Favorites!

Ashley, my dear, you are beautiful.  

Ben is going to be such a great father.

 Their sweet first “baby” Halo came along for some photos too.  🙂
As I was on my way back to get something from my camera bag, I turned around and saw this…love!

 Your daughter is going to be so beautiful.  Just like you.
I know that your Mom would be so proud of you. 

 Ashley and Ben, thank you so much for sharing your afternoon with me!  
I’m looking forward to meeting your wonderful new little one in June!  *Hugs!*

Maternity: Ashley + Ben


To say that I was excited about this session is an understatement.  To say that this next couple is genuine, kind, compassionate, and giving is an understatement.  To say how incredibly sweet and fun this session was…again, an understatement.  Sarah and John are not only a beautiful couple, they are two of the nicest, most generous people I’ve ever known.  They’re generous in their friendships, their careers, their spiritual and daily lives.  We were introduced to each other at church by our late priest, Father Larry, before Sarah and John were married.  I think Father Larry knew that we would make great friends.  And for that introduction, I’m so thankful, because it led me to capture this special time in Sarah and John’s life.  They are going to be parents in January, and I cannot wait to meet their new little one!  There is no doubt in my mind that he or she will be perfectly sweet being, loved by so many already, just waiting to see the world with the help loving parents.  Sarah and John, thank you so much for sharing your day with me!  I’m so excited for both of you!  You will be amazing parents! And now for some images from our chilly, foggy day, which turned out absolutely perfect for their maternity session! 

Sarah’s eyes light up when she looks at John. 

Gotta love this cool red Dodge truck!  Sarah spotted it before our session, 
and as luck would have it, she and John know the owner, 
who was more than happy to let us have some fun with it. Thank you, Dan!!!
Oh, and say hi to their adorable dog, Louise!

LOVE this!

 Next we went to a spot that Sarah and John love. 
And I’m sure their new little one will love it too! It was just perfect for their session.

Sarah, you are beautiful!  Doesn’t she have gorgeous eyes? 


 love love love this one. 

Beaming. Beautiful. 

Every time she and John looked at each other…instant smiles. 

 Louise was a total sweetheart…I think she liked having her photo taken! 😉

 These precious little booties were Sarah’s dad’s, and since he has outgrown them, 
they’ll be just perfect for his new grand-daughter or grand-son. 😉

 A favorite!  Our last frame of the day!  For a second, I felt like a dog whisperer. Thank you, Louise!

Sarah and John, thank you so much for letting me document this special part of your lives.  
I’m beyond thrilled for you, and can’t wait to see your family grow!  And thank you again for lunch after our session, that was so thoughtful and sweet!  Can’t wait to hang out again soon!

Maternity: Sarah + John


Have I mentioned that I love what I do?  Well, it’s true!  I love meeting happy people! And to be able to share in a happy time in two peoples’ lives is an incredible honor.  Heather and Brian are two such happy people who met four years ago. They’ve been married for two years and are expecting their first child, a baby girl!  Heather and Brian, thank you so much for sharing your afternoon with me.  I know you will be absolutely amazing parents. As I told you that afternoon, you both glowed with love and excitement, and your spirit shines through in all of your images.  This is one of those Sessions I will always remember, and I knew that the instant your Session began.  I got chills when capturing your time together as a couple, as you walked hand in hand down the green paths and sat so close on benches. And then more chills when going through your images, and even now as I type this very post. It’s true!  I am so, so, so very excited for you guys, and cannot wait to see your family grow!  If you missed Heather + Brian’s Sneak Peek, take a look here!  Let’s get right to the images because there are quite a few!



When Heather and I were planning their Session, she told me how amazing her husband Brian is…it’s easy to see why!  Favorites, both of them.

Isn’t Heather beautiful?  Yes, she is!

Beautiful eyes!  Are you kidding me?!  This baby girl is going to be gorgeous!

So sweet, so happy. 

Now this is one proud dad!  See what I mean?  They are so excited!!!

Heather, I’m so glad you wanted to do these indoor images! 

Heather and Brian, you guys are the best! I can’t wait to meet your new little girl! 

Maternity: Heather + Brian


To say that I’ve been extremely excited to share a few images from this session is a huge understatement…I knew from the click, click, click of my shutter, that I couldn’t wait to share!  I met Heather and Brian a few short weeks ago, on a cloudy afternoon, with the threat of rain looming over us. Luckily, we wrapped up in the nick of time.  I think it was their smiling faces that kept the rain at bay.  Enough of my chatter, let’s get on with Heather and Brian’s Sneak Peek, shall we?  Yes, we shall! And, oh yes, there will be more to come very soon!

A quiet moment, so very tender.

I love working with people who are in love.  And these two most definitely are in love.  
And they are so excited to become parents! 

Hint, hint…

Brian, you are going to be an amazing father. 

Heather, you are beautiful!

One of my absolute favorites! 

Heather and Brian, thank you so much for trusting in me to capture this important time in your lives, 
I am truly honored.  And I’m so excited to share the rest of your images with you.

Sneak Peek: Maternity: Heather + Brian


This fun, adorable couple is patiently awaiting the arrival of their first child in just a few weeks. You may remember Kristen and Nick’s September rehearsal dinner and wedding in 2008. My husband has known these two for years, long before they were a together. I have loved getting to know them both, and I’m so excited to meet their little boy! The countdown is on! If you missed their Sneak Peek, click here!

Let’s start with a few favorites, shall we?


Donning her husband’s business attire…hot!

Just outside the nursery…Bella, one of the sweetest dogs ever, I just love how
she’s so interested in what Kristen and Nick are doing.

Kristen, you are beautiful.

Another favorite!

Anticipation…another favorite.

This baby will be used to getting his photo taken! Love it!

Kristen and Nick love sports, especially our own Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts.
This pair was up for anything…you guys rock!


This little boy is ready to watch some football.

Bella loves the Colts, but she’s not a fan of wearing her jersey!
Thanks for being a good sport, Bella!

*hugs* are wonderful!

Kristen, your baby is bound to be blessed
with a gorgeous smile, just like yours. Oh yes!

One of the baby’s first official photos!

Kristen and Nick, thank you so much for letting me capture this exciting time in your lives!
I’m so happy for you both, you will be absolutely wonderful parents!
So excited to meet your little one!!!

Maternity: Kristen + Nick


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