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Maternity | Julia + David


It seems like just yesterday we hugged and celebrated at their wedding, and now my dear friend, Julia, and her husband, David, are expecting their first little one, a baby boy!  I recounted the time we just so happened to bump into each other at Disney World at night back in the sixth grade.  I should also mention that Julie and I went rollerblading for the first time together.  She had moved away from my hometown, and we spent a few days visiting each other over the summer.  We had heard about renting rollerblades and thought that would be a fun adventure.  Oh, what an adventure it was!  Luckily, the kind soul who rented us the rollerblades also highly recommended safety equipment, such as a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads.  Especially since this would be our first journey on 8 wheels.  Thank goodness we heeded his advice and wore every piece of that safety equipment!  Let’s just say that we ended our journey on the ground after diving over a parking lot chain.  We laughed so hard, mostly to keep from crying from embarrassment more than anything!  Good times, right, Jules? 😉  For their session, we went back to this same park, a park where these two happened to frequent when they lived in Indianapolis.  I love that they chose a location that has a lot of meaning for them.

And now here we are both expecting our first child, a boy!   Would you believe that our due dates are a mere 2 days apart?  Yep!  If only we lived closer together!  Julia and David, I am so excited for you both!  You are going to be the best parents to this lucky little guy!  It was so much fun and such an honor to capture this special time in your lives.  Little did I know the day of our session also happened to be David’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, David!  Here are some of my favorites from your session!  Friends and family can view their entire online gallery here.

A favorite!

Another favorite right here.

Just think how much their son will love looking at these photos of his parents one day!

Julie, you are so beautiful!  

Thank you so much for such a sweet session!  
I cannot wait to meet your little one – it won’t be long now!  Can’t believe it!  
So excited for you and your family!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Stephanie …. these are so WONDERFUL …. so PRECIOUS!!! I'm so happy for Julie & David and will always remember the friendship that you two girls had over the years. Best wishes!!!


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