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With the heatwave that has been hovering over the Midwest this summer, I was wondering if we might possibly melt during Jenny and Eric’s Day After session.  Although after their perfect Plum Creek Golf Club wedding day just two months earlier, I should have known that the weather would follow suit, if only for these two amazing people.  Jenny and Eric have that special quality that attracts people to them.  They radiate happiness and positivity.   And it’s contagious.  In a good way.  It was evident at their wedding, and that same feeling followed us throughout this session.  I left the session smiling and singing my favorite songs all the way home.  Jenny and Eric, I’m so glad we met, and I’m even more glad that we got to spend more time together for some fun with your adorable pup, Miss Vivi!  Thank you for being so wonderful, and for inviting me into your lives.  I’m so excited for your future together!   And now for a few of my favorites from your session!

The beautiful newlyweds, Eric and Jenny!
 I loved creating the florals for the session! 

Please allow me to introduce one of the sweetest dogs ever…Miss Vivi!

 One of many favorites!  Vivi, you are quite a natural in front of the camera.  
Have your people call my people.  😉

Jenny suggested wearing her After Party dress during the session.  Paired with her fabulous shoesBrilliant! 

These two know how to work the camera, and I love them for that!

 Jenny, you are just b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

 Wowza!  See what I mean?  Work it out!!!


Love these two!
  Jenny and Eric have two of the best smiles I’ve seen. 

I remember squealing as I took this photo.  Don’t you just want to hug them?  

As you can see, Vivi is absolutely loved and adored by Jenny and Eric…and now me too!  🙂

After a wardrobe and location change, we were ready for more!
P.S. Another favorite. 


Love, love, love this one!
 Hello, Miss Vivi! 

We were blessed with amazing light during their entire session.  


Remember when I mentioned I had several favorites?  This is another one.  



 Having such a wonderful couple, amazing light, and a cool location, I couldn’t help but say, 
“Just one more!  Ok, just one more!”  My end of the session favorite. 🙂

Jenny and Eric, thank you, thank you, thank you!  You two are sincerely sweet, fun, and wonderful people.  Thank you for an amazing session!  A huge thank you to Lisa, Jenny’s Mom, for all of her help!  I’m so glad you could be a part of this session!  And hugs and kisses to Miss Vivi for being such a sweetheart!  xo

Day After | Jenny + Eric


After a fun engagement session and their fabulous wedding, I was lucky enough to spend some more time with Jessica and Derek after their Big Day.  More than just an excuse to wear her gorgeous dress again and to see her new husband all decked out in his tux, they weathered the steamy temps to get some beautiful and romantic portraits in a more relaxed environment.   With jam packed timelines typical of a wedding day, this session allows the bride and groom to just be together and enjoy each other’s company without any stress or demands.  And these kinds of portraits were very important to Jessica, a girl after my own heart!  Jessica and Derek, thank you for letting go and trusting me with this session.  Besides being such a dashing duo, you’re so fun, so kind, and so wonderful!  Let’s get straight to their images, shall we?  

After hopping a plane to Venice, they enjoyed a serene ride through the canals. 
Ok, ok…so maybe we didn’t go to Venice, but this is the next best thing in downtown Indianapolis!

Passers-by congratulated the newlyweds. 

Love this one!

Jessica, you are such a beautiful bride!

The gondolier sang to them in Italian.  Swoon!
Gorgeous light, gorgeous couple!

Even the geese wished them well!

As did the kayakers!

That’s amore!
Quiz: Name the movie featuring that line!  Leave your answer in the comments! 

After disembarking the gondola, we strolled around in the beautiful evening light. 
Favorite!!  Yes, yes, yes!

More favorites!  

This was one of those moments when the light, the mood, everything was just perfect.  LOVE! 

Jessica and Derek were excited to leave for their Hawaiian honeymoon bright and early the next morning.  Perhaps they were imagining relaxing on the beach here.  😉

Seriously beautiful. 

Fierce and fabulous!

Well hello there, newlyweds! 🙂

Jessica and Derek, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to share in this important time in your lives.  It has been such an honor and so much fun to work with you both!  See you soon!

Day After | Jessica + Derek


Just a quick post to wish you all a happy weekend!  And to share a preview of what’s coming up on the blog:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sneak Peek: Day After | Jessica + Derek


We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for Kayleigh and Michael’s Day After/Trash the Dress session!  After their gorgeous garden wedding over the summer, I was so excited to see them again!  They were still glowing and incredibly happy newlyweds, and best of all, they were ready to rock it for their session.  😉  Here are some of my favorites from our afternoon!

   Beautifully fierce!

   Kayleigh, you have such a beautiful smile!

   Love this!  Favorite!

   Kayleigh’s tattoo is very special to her.  It’s her Grandmother’s name in Hebrew.  
   This way, she’s always with her.

   Passers-by shouted “Congratulations!” and “Best Wishes!” all afternoon.

   I love when a little gust of wind blows by, as if on cue.

   You two make one gorgeous pair, oh my goodness!

   One of my favorite bridal images ever! 
   Kayleigh, thank you for trusting in me to make this work, you’re the best!

   Michael makes her smile and laugh, and I love it.

   Hot, hot, hot!

It’s so obvious that Michael completely adores his wife.


   Another favorite!

I love how a cute black and white kitty walks into the frame, as if on cue.  
I’m quite positive that it’s got something — wait, everything — to do with the 
sheer magnetic energy of Kayleigh and Michael.

I love how the city lights cast a warm glow on these two, as if on cue.

 Kayleigh and Michael, thank you for making your session so incredibly fun!  
You are such a fantastic couple, and I wish you only the very best! 

Day After/Trash the Dress: Kayleigh + Michael


It was a warm early fall afternoon.  Cindi and John arrived with a nervous excitement, similar to how they felt on their wedding day last summer.  They promised to love, honor, and cherish each other on a rainy 4th of July.  And on this day, just like that day, I could feel their connection, only under a bright sunny sky, and I loved it!  We had been planning their Day After session for some time, and I’m so glad we waited for such a gorgeous day!  What a fun excuse to wear a simply gorgeous wedding gown one more time! Cindi and John, thank you for sharing your afternoon with me!  You two are such a perfect pair, so happy and beautiful!  Here are some of my favorites from their Day After session!

I was so excited for the opportunity to photograph Cindi in her beautiful vintage lace gown, remember this photo? Although it had been over a year since their wedding, Cindi’s dress was in immaculate condition, and can now be stored away for future generations.
So sweet, so in love.  Perfection.

Fabulous and fierce!  C + J, you guys!!!

Cindi has the most beautiful brown eyes!  And what a great smile!

Check out John’s ring finger…pretty cool, right?  His job is such that it’s dangerous to wear rings or jewelry of any sort, so he had Cindi’s initial tattooed so he’d always have her close to his heart. Aww!!!
I love how they make each other smile. 


A perfectly beautiful afternoon for a perfectly beautiful pair!

A little kiss…

Cindi and John, you two are absolutely adorable together!!!

 Favorite, favorite, favorite!

Cindi, you are gorgeous. Gorgeous!

So beautiful!We had such amazing light for their session.

Cindi and John, you two are so sweet!  
Thanks again for making your Day After session so wonderful and so much fun!

Day After: Cindi + John


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