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Day After/Trash the Dress: Kayleigh + Michael


We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for Kayleigh and Michael’s Day After/Trash the Dress session!  After their gorgeous garden wedding over the summer, I was so excited to see them again!  They were still glowing and incredibly happy newlyweds, and best of all, they were ready to rock it for their session.  😉  Here are some of my favorites from our afternoon!

   Beautifully fierce!

   Kayleigh, you have such a beautiful smile!

   Love this!  Favorite!

   Kayleigh’s tattoo is very special to her.  It’s her Grandmother’s name in Hebrew.  
   This way, she’s always with her.

   Passers-by shouted “Congratulations!” and “Best Wishes!” all afternoon.

   I love when a little gust of wind blows by, as if on cue.

   You two make one gorgeous pair, oh my goodness!

   One of my favorite bridal images ever! 
   Kayleigh, thank you for trusting in me to make this work, you’re the best!

   Michael makes her smile and laugh, and I love it.

   Hot, hot, hot!

It’s so obvious that Michael completely adores his wife.


   Another favorite!

I love how a cute black and white kitty walks into the frame, as if on cue.  
I’m quite positive that it’s got something — wait, everything — to do with the 
sheer magnetic energy of Kayleigh and Michael.

I love how the city lights cast a warm glow on these two, as if on cue.

 Kayleigh and Michael, thank you for making your session so incredibly fun!  
You are such a fantastic couple, and I wish you only the very best! 
  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW … These are TERRIFIC!!! GREAT job, Stephanie!!! How do you come up with all these ideas?


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