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Zander | 6 months | A Winter Themed Studio Session

Oh this next little cutie is going to just melt your heart and make you smile!  His name is Zander, and he is 6 months old.  His sweet parents brought him to the studio for a winter themed session and chose one of their favorite outfits with a little bear on it, which was just adorable!  Zander, you are the sweetest thing ever, and such a handsome young man!  Enjoy some favorites from his own little winter wonderland!  Friends and family can view his entire online gallery here.  

Zander was infatuated with the soft rug and his cute little booties!

Those gorgeous brown eyes and happy grin!!!  Love it!

And I just couldn’t resist those little toes!

A favorite!

Seriously adorable!  

Hi there, Zander!!!

Oh, Zander, could you be any cuter?!

He loves to roll over!


Does he have his model face down or what?  
And those eyes, wow!

He couldn’t resist is sweet little toes either!

Heather and Terrence, congratulations on your adorably sweet baby boy!  He is such a happy and joyful little guy!  I’m so happy for you both!  Thank you for sharing your afternoon with me!  
  1. Anonymous says:

    So SWEET!!! He is ADORABLE … LOVED all the pics!!! GREAT backgrounds too!!!


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