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Wedding: Leah + Daniel


So much time and effort goes in to planning a wedding.  Details, coordinating, scheduling, shopping, rings, flowers, shoes, tuxes, cakes, chairs, lights…and the dress!  Leah was a detailed and organized bride.  She knew exactly what she wanted; she had a vision for her wedding day.  However, nothing mattered more than the man who would be standing by her side.  Daniel was the icing on the cake, the pinstripe in the chocolate tuxes, the sparkle in the ring on her finger. Leah’s everything.  And to Daniel, she was even more.  Leah was the one who makes him smile bigger smiles, laugh deeper laughs, and see brighter colors around him as the sun rose one day this summer.  They knew that together, together, they would become something even greater.  Their love would take them to new places in life.  So on this perfect day in September, they vowed to stand by each other’s side sharing a life of faith, happiness, and love. Leah and Daniel, you two are such wonderful people.  I’m so happy to have been there to witness your love for each other.  I cannot thank you enough.  If you missed their Sneak Peek, be sure to check it out here and here.   And now for more from their amazing wedding day!

A gorgeous, gorgeous wedding gown…

And a stunningly beautiful bride preparing for the biggest day in her life.

Leah, you are simply radiant.


The shoes!

Dapper Daniel

 Love, love, love their chocolate tuxes.  So cool.

Then it was almost time for the ceremony to begin. 

Daniel makes his entrance.

Leah and Daniel’s ceremony was perfect in so many ways.  I loved how members of the bridal party shared heartfelt words about their friends.  The love and true friendship present during the ceremony was very palpable, and felt by all.

Such a sweet and emotional ceremony.

Then it was Daniel’s older brother’s turn to speak.  As I mentioned in Leah and Daniel’s Sneak Peek, they have a tight bond, and it was so sweet to hear his words and to feel their connection.

After lighting their unity candle, they stood on the altar as the music played.  And they shared sweet, whispered words.  It was so cute to watch! 

Promising each other forever, with the exchange of vows and rings.

And a kiss!

Just moments after the ceremony, hugs, tears, and smiles were shared.

Leah and Daniel really personalized their wedding day by displaying photos from their engagement session for guests to see.

The candy bar was a huge hit!  As well as cd’s of their favorite songs!  Leah and Daniel, the entire soundtrack to your wedding day was so perfect and so much fun!
The newlyweds cut their cake…

…and toasted to a lifetime of happiness.

And they departed under a beautiful blue sky and a sea of bubbles!

What a fun bridal party! Leah and Daniel are blessed with such amazing friends and family.
They’re also quite stylish.  Love this!

Leah and Daniel planned plenty of photo time for just the two of them, and I’m so happy that they did!  After such a long day of celebrating with family and friends, they were able to finally enjoy some time together.  Just the two of them.  Well, and me too, of course. Thank you, thank you, thank you, L + D, for planning for this extra time…I think you’ll agree it was so totally worth it

I’ve said it more than once, but it bears repeating…Leah, you are beautiful!


I love the way Daniel looks at his new bride. 

We had amazing light, what a perfect day!

My absolute favorite.  Leah and Daniel, you make a stunning pair.  Love love LOVE this one!

In the moment. Love it.

I love how they just could not stop smiling.

Seriously, could you two be any more amazing?!


Leah and Daniel, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are beautiful, inside and out, and I’m so grateful to have met you. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both.
Cheers to a lifetime of laughter, happiness, and love!
   Best wishes!
  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!! These pics really "tell the story" and are so SPECTACULAR!!!!
    Another GREAT job Stephanie!!!

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