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Sneak Peek: Family: Mark + Jenny + Jake + Sam + Lucy


We have had a fantastically beautiful fall this year in the Midwest!  I met this fun, energetic, happy family on a sunny fall evening for some family photos.  Please welcome Mark, Jenny, Jake, Sam, and Lucy!  What a gorgeous bunch!  And we were surrounded by beauty…horses, colorful leaves, and smiling faces, of course!  

 A favorite!  Mark and Jenny, you two are so cute!

 Two handsome brothers, Sam and Jake.

 Oh my goodness!  Lucy, you are such a doll!

 Hi there, Sam!

 Hello, Jake! 


Ok, ok, I love love this one too.  Seriously adorable trio.  

Mark, Jenny, Jake, Sam, and Lucy, you guys are the best!  
Thank you for such a fun session!  Can’t wait to show you the rest of your images!  
More to come soon!
  1. Anonymous says:

    These pics are sooooo SWEET …. what an ADORABLE family!!! GREAT job Stephanie!!!


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