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Wedding: Kayleigh + Michael


Words cannot express what a beautifully amazing wedding Kayleigh and Michael had!  Two gorgeous people, inside and out, met in a garden at sunset to promise forever to each other. All I can say is thank you for letting me be a part of your perfectly lovely day.  You have quite an amazing family and such an awesome group of friends.  As I mentioned in their Sneak Peeks (here and here), it was a typical hot and humid Midwest summer day, but that didn’t phase anyone. There are a ton of images coming your way, so get comfortable and enjoy!

The girls started out at the salon. Who doesn’t love getting their hair done? 

 Grace, Kayleigh’s sister and flower girl, had her long locks curled and ready for an up-do. 

 The other flower girl, Avery, shares her ipod with Grace.  They both love Selena Gomez!

 Grace holding the mirror to show her big sis just how gorgeous she is!

 Beth of Champagne & Lipstick did an amazing job with makeup!  (Hi Beth!)

Allyson, the Matron of Honor had an especially fun duty…to cut Kayleigh’s “Bride” tank off
to prevent any damage to her hair and makeup!

Time for the Bride to get ready!
Flower girls passing the time…they had already arm-wrestled, played hide and seek, and watched tv!

Realizing she is a Bride…and today is her wedding day!  Kayleigh, you are so beautiful!

After preparing all morning and afternoon, it was time to venture to Avon Gardens for the ceremony and reception.  And time to see this gorgeous gown!

 Butterflies float and soar around the grounds, they can be seen everywhere!
Kayleigh’s fabulous bridal shoes!  

 Meanwhile, the guys are getting quite dapper, cologne and all!


 Sparkly bling!

Kayleigh’s Mom helps with her dress. 

An embrace from Starla, Mother of the Groom.

Hello, Michael!

I couldn’t get over the perfectly summer florals by Lacey of Weddings by Gillespie Florists.

Matron of Honor, Allyson, and her best friend.
Kayleigh and Amber, who is engaged to Michael’s brother, Daniel.  🙂

 Kayleigh and her sister, Abby, and new sister-in-law, Lindsay.

The light in the garden was simply scrumptious!  And Kayleigh’s smile made it even better.

Adorable flower girls, Avery and Grace, and ring girl, Piper.
Kayleigh and Grace share a hug on the right.

Could this be any cuter?!

Love, love, LOVE these flowers!
And the attendants’ flowers and shoes were so perfect!

One last check in the mirror before the ceremony. A favorite!

 Ceremony time!

A look back at her big sister…another favorite. 

Kayleigh’s entrance with her father and step-father.  

Look at her smile!  I love this one too.  

Piper took a moment to rest, after all, it was the hottest day of the year! 😉


What a beautiful day!  And a beautiful golden glow in the garden!

Kiss the bride!

 They’re married!

Another fave!  This was such a happy group, they danced down the aisle!


Wedding Feet. 🙂


 The father of the bride’s speech was perfect. And funny! 
He had everyone laughing!

Daniel, Michael’s brother and best man, had a killer speech too. 
My favorite part was that together, they were a 2-man WolfPack. And Daniel was thinking
that Kayleigh could be the 3rd in the pack!

A little cake detail. Loved their cake! 

 I overheard Grace telling these guests that the Bride is her sister as she pointed 
to their photo on the table.  She was so proud. 
Twirling, twirling. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Kayleigh and Michael really are surrounded 
by so much love. It was amazing to witness the hugs, the laughs, and the emotion of the day.

And their family and friends can get down on the dance floor!  Especially Kayleigh’s dad!

They danced the night away under a fairytale white tent…”all because two people fell in love.” 

 Kayleigh and Michael, thank you again for sharing your day with me!  
Congratulations to you both!
See you soon!
  1. Anonymous says:

    What outstanding pics!!! Everything looked so beautiful!!! Great job, Stephanie!!!


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