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Sneak Peek: Family: Todd + Cristina + Jack


What a great evening we had for a family session!  Meet Todd, Cristina, and Jack!  A fun, loving family with gorgeous blue eyes!  And Jack is turning 5 very soon!  Happy early Birthday, Jack!!! 

Jack is adorable. Totally adorable!

Oh those blue eyes! 

Favorite, favorite, favorite!  There is just something about this image that gives me the chills.
Their connection is palpable. They are just ‘in the moment,’ and I love it.

Another favorite.  I love happy people!

Ok, another favorite.  Can’t help it! 

Thank you Todd, Cristina, and Jack!  You are such a sweet family, and I really 
enjoyed our session!  And again, Happy Birthday, Jack!
Stay tuned for more coming soon!
  1. Anonymous says:

    These pics are ADORABLE!!! Such a happy family!!! Great job!!!


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