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Under the Sea…in Indiana


February 2009

Indianapolis, IN

My dear friend Audrey asked me to take some photos of her husband’s gorgeous 120 gallon saltwater tank. There are so many colorful fish, corals, and live rocks, it was really fun to capture them all! Audrey created a coffee table book for Phil’s birthday using these images, as a tribute to his cool hobby. I’ve learned that it takes quite a bit of time and effort to keep this tank looking so beautiful. And careful consideration goes into selection and placement of each element. It truly is a piece of living art.

If I were a fish, I’d want to run my little fins through this soft green “grass”!

(No, this is not really grass!)

See, now this fish has the right idea!

These clown fish had their eyes on me.

A lovely yellow coral.

These fantastic creatures seemed rather intrigued by me and my camera.

See how many of them are looking this way?

A shrimp is hanging out on the upper right, while Nemo #1 and Nemo #2 stare me down.

(All names been changed to protect the privacy of these fish.)

I love the simplicity of just one little blue fish.

…somebody’s watching me…again!

My favorite aspect of this project was how often the “scenery” changed!
Fish dart to and fro, corals sway from side to side.

This was one of my favorites to watch swim around – the hawkfish.

Hope you had a great birthday, Phil!

Audrey, what a wonderful idea, thank you so much for allowing me to help!

  1. Those are great, I love the one of Nemo staring at you, LOL

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