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Who knew an old typewriter could be so fun? I’ve been searching for one for some time, with the original idea to make jewelry from the keys (seen made by another jewelry artist a few years ago). A few weeks ago, Reggie and I took off on a Friday and visited the yard sales along US 40. After just a few stops on our journey, we happened to visit a smaller yard sale, when I spotted this…

After handing over $3, it was mine! What a deal!

This machine dates back to 1942, and it still works! It just needs a new ribbon. Since I don’t really make jewelry anymore, I’m keeping it as a photo prop. So if you know of any writers who would like some portraits…;)

Here’s one result of some time spent introducing this ol’ typewriter to my camera.

Have a wonderful day!

  1. Oh so cool! I have three and have found SO many uses for them as props, label makers etc.!

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