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Sneak Peek: Family: Jason + Missy + Grace + Macy


Remember this adorable family from last fall?  Well, I met up with them recently to celebrate Macy’s 4th birthday and Missy and Jason’s 10th wedding anniversary!  This family is blessed with love, bright smiles, and gorgeous sparkling eyes!   Jason, Missy, Grace, and Macy rocked their session!  It was the definition of a Midwestern summer day…hot, humid, and, oh, did I mention it was hot?!  It didn’t seem to phase them one bit!  Let’s look at their Sneak Peek!

Hi Grace!  Hello Birthday Girl, Macy!

We found lots of pretty flowers to play in!

Macy, you have a beautiful smile!

And, Grace, those eyes!  Stunning!  A favorite!
Macy, guess who’s smiling back at you?  (Ruby says hi! 🙂  )  
Another fave.

Happy Anniversary, Jason and Missy!  Congratulations!

Missy…this is the one I was telling you about earlier today! Favorite!
One adorably happy family!
Oh…and a fun surprise photo that we planned just for Mom and Dad, right girls? 😉
I love this one!  
More to come soon from this summer family session!
  1. Anonymous says:

    All of these pics are so very sweet… Love them all!!! These little girls are so adorable!!!


  2. Missy says:

    We LOVE them! Can't wait to see the rest!!

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