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Engagement: Leah + Daniel


After waking up bright and early for their engagement session, we met up again for a few more.  This time, these two endured high heat, humidity, and bugs…must be their love and sweetness that attracted so many mosquitoes!  In fact, I’m quite sure of it!  Leah and Daniel, thank you so much for sharing your evening with me, I had a blast!  Here are a few of my favorites from your session…including one that I accidentally forgot for their Sneak Peek

Hi Daniel!

Hello Leah!

Love love LOVE these two!

And this one!  Leah loves shoes, and has quite a collection…and I love to shoot shoes, 
so I think we make a fabulous team!  🙂
Fierce!  Love it!
I love the way Leah looks at Daniel…and it’s obvious that he loves it too.
Another favorite! (Yes, I am allowed to have more than one…or five!)
You are gorgeous, Leah! 
Rrrrring, rrrring, rrrring…j.crew called…they are looking for two smitten models.
Seriously, isn’t this couple beautiful?!
L + D…you make my job so easy! 
Another perfume advertisement, in my oh so humble opinion. 
I’ve lost track…another favorite!
We flew to Italy for this one…just kidding!  But doesn’t it feel like Italy? Ciao!
Sweet.  So sweet.
Next stop?  Hawaii!  Well, ok, we didn’t go to Hawaii either, but it sure felt like it. That’s where these two will be off to for their honeymoon!  My offer still stands to accompany you to the islands!  😉
And another favorite…I think this one tops the heat index for the day. Oh yes!
Leah and Daniel, you two are just amazing.  You complement each other so well, 
and your love is palpable.  So so SO excited for September!  
(Oh, and I’m so excited to show you the rest of your images too!)
Together they conquered the heat, the humidity, and the insane insects! 
Please leave some comment love for these two! 
  1. Anonymous says:

    These pics are all AMAZING!!! … It would really be hard to pick a favorite. Love all the shoes!!!

    Marcie 7/21/10

  2. Tasha says:

    Pics are amazing! Leah and Daniel are great friends of mine:) they are wonderful together!

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