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Reflections on A Winter Walk


Big, fluffy flakes fell like sweet sugary sprinkles, so I grabbed my gloves and hat to head out for a little walk.  The only sound that could be heard was silence.  Serenity.  Peace.  Stillness. 

And then a cheery bark, bark, bark startled me from behind!  This cute little dog, Gigi, was out for a run with her owner, and she just loved the snow. She frolicked and darted and danced around me, twisting her leash under my feet.  Her owner quickly apologized, after all Gigi was just a puppy and loved meeting new people.  No apology necessary!  How could I possibly be upset when such a cute puppy lets me take her photo in the snow?

Once Gigi and her owner were on there way, I was again enveloped by the quiet beauty that comes only in winter.  Yes, yes, it’s cold, and a bit dreary.  But somehow I find solace in this time of the year.  A quiet happiness.  For I know that in due time, underneath all the snow and ice, slender blades of green grass and fragrant, delicately petaled flowers are just waiting to make their appearance.

Happy Monday!

  1. Anonymous says:

    These pics are so SUPER … you're right … so peaceful!!!


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