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On Mass Ave


We’ve been enjoying some fantastic weather here in the Midwest…I sure hope it sticks around for awhile!  I had the pleasure of meeting up with some fellow photography enthusiasts the other night. And what a perfect night it was!  It felt like one of those summer evenings when all is right with the world, when you feel almost like you’re on vacation.  Everywhere people were outside enjoying food, drinks and friendly conversation.  Dogs were leading their owners on a happy stroll, tails wagging, saying hello to every passer-by.  The sun’s familiar warmth was welcomed by one and all.  And I had my camera. I had chosen the well-known artsy area, Mass Ave, for our meeting spot. This awesome district is known for its art, culture, restaurants, and unique shops.  I’ve been searching for a little inspiration, a little something different, and this was the perfect fit! 


{ss} on mass ave

Walk This Way!

Above the Murat


On Electric Avenue…does anyone know who sang that “Electric Avenue” song? 
It’s been stuck in my head!  Leave a comment to let me know!

I love the pedestrian crosswalk signals on Mass Ave!  I call this “The Big Dance: Go Bulldogs!”
Even though I’m an IU alum, I’ll be cheering for Butler!  So exciting for the city of Indianapolis!


I asked my friends to play a little game. Take a photo of something and have others guess what it is.
So take a guess…what is this?  Or if you know what the images above are, shout it out in the comments!

Share your guesses in the comments! I *heart* comments!
  1. gina says:

    love your images. you have such an eye for photography.

  2. slrlounge says:

    great detailed shots!

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