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I *heart* Palm Trees!


There’s just something about palm trees that I love!  Maybe it’s because seeing one usually means I’m somewhere warm, sunny, tropical, beautiful…perhaps on a vacation, perhaps sipping a pina colada. There are many different types of palm trees.  In fact, I learned that Florida is home to 27 varieties of this natural beauty; however, only 12 of the 27 are native to Florida.  (Source: No matter how many types there are, I’m a fan of them all.  Here are a few more photos from Florida, featuring…you guessed it, palm trees!

I loved the shadows in the street these palms created as we rode on the scooter in Key West. 
And check out the ones in the rear view mirror!  I wish I could say I planned that! 😉

They even look cool from underneath!

Palm trees can make a fun background for cute little seagulls too. 
Do you love palm trees? Or another tree?  Share with us in the comments!

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