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On Art Class and Trees


When I was younger, I remember being in school, looking forward to art class.  I’ve always loved drawing, painting, and crafts, and being able to do that during school was such a treat – it just didn’t feel like work!  And it was so much more fun than learning multiplication tables or counting beans and sorting milk caps.  Aww, the good ol’ days! ….Back to art class!  The teacher would ask us to draw our family, our house, our pets, and our yard. There are tons of trees (beautiful and so many kinds!) at my parents’ house.  Drawn carefully in crayon on that soft, off white paper were stick figures representing my mom, my dad, and me, and a stick dog (I miss you, Ginger!), standing in front of our house.  The trees I drew were always the same:  a thick, tall brown trunk with a scribbled cloud of green swirls on top.  Why was that the only way I ‘saw’ trees?   

If I were asked to draw the same scene again today, I would draw pink trees!  
What color would yours be? 

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