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A Day in the Life of Lola: Sunday


She gets called many names:  Lola Belle, Lilo, Lo, Kittles, Fabulous Whiskers, Miss Kitty, Fur Monster, just to mention a few.  Her favorite sound is the clang-clang of a can-opener, because it can only mean one thing…Tuna!  Coming in a close second  is the hum of the garage door opening because she knows she’s in for some hugs and cuddling after a long day of napping, birdwatching, and waiting for tuna.  She likes to meow at the front door, in hopes that she’ll be brave enough to frolic in the grass before pouncing on some bird in flight (of which she is terrified, by the way).  If you asked her what her favorite day of the week is, I suspect she would answer “Sunday”, without a doubt. That is, if she could, in fact, answer you. 😉

According to Lola, Sundays are purr-fect for napping, birdwatching, and, of course, waiting for tuna. She knows how to multi-task:  birdwatching in between catnaps.  

  She also likes to page through all the latest decorating, fashion, and fitness magazines.  

Sometimes she doesn’t mind posing for a photo. 
And for me, that makes Sunday purr-fect in my book too.  
Do you or your pets have a favorite day of the week?  Share with us in the comments!
  1. Tracy says:


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of her in the window! We have such great kitty cats! =)


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