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Noblesville Engagement Session | Karen + Shawn


It was one of those days at work when a string of unfortunate events happened.  A mutual friend – one whom I cannot wait to meet! – had been trying to set them up for awhile.  You see, Karen and Shawn work together, just in different areas of the same giant building.  Both of them had had a really rough day, and meeting a potential love interest when feeling less than your best can be a bit daunting. Despite her friends’ objections at the time, she introduced them.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  As they shared their story with me, I proposed that maybe that was exactly how it was supposed to happen.  They were like the burst of sunshine each other needed at that very moment on an otherwise very gloomy day.  Karen and Shawn are a perfect match.  They make each other smile and laugh with their easy-going spirit and sheer comfort in each other’s presence.  We ventured out into nature, finding golden yellow signs of autumn all around.  And it was a perfectly beautiful day, bursting with oh-so-fitting sunshine.  Enjoy some favorites from their engagement session!  Friends and family can view their entire online gallery here.  Karen and Shawn, I’m so excited for your wedding day!


What a gorgeous ring!  Great work, Shawn!

So many pretty flowers!

Love this!

Another favorite!

Karen, you are sooo pretty!

Ohhh this light!

Yes, yes, yes! Another favorite!

Karen and Shawn, thank you so much for sharing your afternoon with me!  And for happily walking through countless sticks and tall fields!  You two are the best!  
I cannot wait for the honor of capturing your Big Day!

  1. Anonymous says:

    LOVELY pics ( and a GORGEOUS ring)!!! What a GREAT location … the fall colors are BEAUTIFUL!!! Another AMAZING job, Stephanie!!!


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