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Jackson | 2 years


Having Remington in our lives has been a blessing in so many ways!  Just two short hours after Remington was born, so was this adorably sweet and handsome guy, Jackson!  His beautiful mom, Lynne, and I met within a few weeks after they were born and learned that not only were they born on the same day, but that they are just two hours apart!  We like to say that they became friends while in the nursery together!  It has been so fun growing our friendship and seeing our boys become friends over the past two years!  A week before his 2nd birthday, we met up on a beautiful evening for some portraits to capture this super-fun, spunky, and sweet toddler!  Friends and family can view his entire online gallery here.  Happy 2nd Birthday, Jackson!!!  

Ohhhh, this sweet little face!!!  A favorite!

And this one…seriously, Jackson, you are beyond adorable!

A is for Apple!  Jackson loves apples!

Jackson thought he saw his pup, Owen, off in the distance…;)

There is just something about this image that I adore…I think it’s his seriously sweet expression.  
Lynne and Eric, you have a little heartbreaker on your hands!

Did I mention that we had wonderfully golden light?  
That I didn’t want to leave this perfect little spot that we had found? 
And that no matter what Jackson did with this tricycle, I loved it?

Love this! 

Lynne, you said how much you love his smile…I couldn’t agree with you more! 

Jackson is always up for adventure!  Climbing and walking on these giant rocks was so fun!

Those blue eyes!!!

He was fascinated with the mechanics of the vintage tricycle.

Jackson, you sure are one handsome kiddo!  
Thank you so much for sharing your evening with me! 
See you soon!

  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!! All of these pictures are so CUTE!!! He's got such a LOVELY smile too!!! Another GREAT job, Stephanie!!!


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