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Mother + Daughter | Julia + Alaina


I’ve been super excited to post more images from this session!  You may recall seeing their Sneak Peek on facebook a few weeks ago.  I met Julia a few years ago, and we’ve kept in touch since then.  And we finally got to connect for an amazing opportunity I had to host a student from IUPUI through their externship program.  I had the best student, Sylvia, that I could have asked for – she was eager to learn, inquisitive, friendly, and respectful.  We started the day with a Mother + Daughter Session, where Julia and Alaina hugged, laughed, snuggled, and let their inner (and outer) beauty shine for the camera.  Thank you both for such a fun session!  And thank you to Sylvia for being a fabulous student!  And now for some of my favorites!

Seriously adorable!

LOVE this one!

Julia and Alaina!  You are such a beautiful pair!  

Don’t you just love her curls?  And those sweet brown eyes?   

They both wore fabulous shoes!  🙂

Love this series!  Alaina took off running toward her Mom and gave her a giant hug!

This is Muffy, Alaina’s puppy.  At the end of our Session, I remarked to Alaina 
that Muffy had been such a well-behaved pup, she hadn’t barked once!  
Alaina politely said: “She’s just a stuffed toy!”  
I said, “You’re right!  Silly me!”  😉


Julia, you are gorgeous, my friend!  Your hubby will love this one!  🙂

I’ll end this post with these two images, because they perfectly reflect
 the love these two have for each other.  

Julia and Alaina, thank you for sharing your morning with me!  You two are the best!  
See you soon!
  1. Unknown says:

    Stephanie, you are AMAZING these photos Are Amazing!!!! You captured the moments I always want to remember, that is priceless to me!!! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your beautiful art!!! Alaina and I had a blast! Thank you!!!!!!!
    P.S. Every time i use my camera Alaina says, "Im looking for the bug where is he?" LOL

    Julia and Alaina

  2. Anonymous says:

    These are all so PRECIOUS!!! GREAT job, Stephanie!!!


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