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Family | Darren + Paula + Mitchell + Toby + Daniel + Linda


We had an absolutely beautiful March evening to do some family photos!  Spring had just started, and what better way to jump into my favorite season than with a fun family…and their sweet boxer, Toby!  We chatted and laughed as we made our way around our location.  Time flew by, and our session ended before  I knew it.  As I packed up my car, I could feel myself smiling.  Like a really big smile.  Why?  Because I had just spent time with a wonderful family who had fun spending time together, allowing me to capture it all for them.  And for that I am so grateful.  Thank you, Darren, Paula, Mitchell, Daniel, Linda, and Toby – thank you for making me smile and sharing time with me on such a beautiful day!  Let’s take a look at some of my favorites from the day!  Friend and family can view their entire online gallery here!

Mitchell and Toby!
Love both of these!

 One of my favorites!

Paula and Darren, you two are adorable.  Adorable!

And Linda, Paula’s Mom, and Daniel, worked it for the camera.  

This family has such great smiles and beautiful eyes!  

We had a fun time keeping Toby’s attention…she was busy watching for birds and squirrels!  🙂

Love!!!  Did I mention that we had some great light?  Well, we did!

Another favorite!

It just so happens that TODAY is Mitchell’s 7th birthday!  Happy Birthday, Mitchell!!!
He has grown so much since the last couple of times I saw him!  (Take a peek here and here!)

Such a handsome guy!!!

Paula, you are beautiful!  
Favorite…another favorite.

Or maybe this one is my favorite…look at those smiles!

The whole session I could tell just how much this family loves each other.  
And how much they all adore Mitchell!

Mitchell, you are so cute!

And then it was Toby’s turn to work her magic…which wasn’t hard for her to do, just look at that face! 
Such a sweet girl!!!  
So you can see why this bunch made my day?  
And why I joked with them about a few more hours of photos?  

Before we called it a day, I had just one more spot 
that I wanted to show them…and they kindly obliged. 🙂
I think Toby and my Lucy could be great friends! 
Ok, I love this one too!  

I’ll end with this since it’s Mitchell’s birthday!

Thank you, Darren, Paula, Mitchell, Toby, Daniel, and Linda for making this such a fun afternoon!  And
thank you for allowing me to take just one more photo!  😉  You guys are the best!  
  1. Anonymous says:

    What a WONDERFUL family session!!! Such a BEAUTIFUL family with GREAT smiles!!!!


  2. What a beautiful family! : ) I love their dog. I love Grandparents. I think they are the best blessings. Absolutely beautiful pictures.

  3. Mary Marantz says:

    That dog is ADORABLE! Love!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Love these photos!

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