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Mason: 3 Months


April 30, 2009
Fishers, IN

Just three short months ago, I held Mason for the first time in the hospital the day after she was born. I remember how tiny, how warm, and how sweet she was. And oh so soft! She had instantly become the apple of her parents’ eyes. Twelve days later, I had the sheer joy of getting some newborn photos of this little sweetie. And just a week ago, after not seeing her for a little while, I caught up with her again for her 3 month session.

Mason gets a kick out of seeing her beautiful reflection in the mirror.

Seriously cute.

She has grown, and not just in length, but in personality!

She makes the cutest little cooing sounds and has the best lil’ giggle.

Her eyes are sparkling blue, and she’s got a great smile…

…until you have a camera pointed at her! That’s right! Her mom warned me that she’s learned to stop smiling as soon as you put the camera to your eye, and she was right! It’s quite amusing, actually. I would put the camera down from time to time, or I would hold it off to the side to see if she would fall for that…no luck! She’s one smart cookie!

Mason, thank you for sharing your afternoon with me!

You are such a sweetheart! See you soon!

  1. super cute! my favorite is the 2nd to last one!. adorable!!!

  2. sassymo says:

    She is darling. Isn't it amazing how quick kids are? Love the b&w.

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