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Happy Birthday, Dad!

February 20, 2009
Today is my dad’s birthday. Even though 30 years and 70-some miles separate us, I will always be his little girl. I am blessed to have a father who is sharp, witty, handy with a hammer, a wiz with numbers, thoughtful, generous, and much more. Little did we both know that we would share a similar passion for photography. I’ve never claimed to know it all, except when I was a teenager maybe, but I have learned that he’s part of the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing now, and loving it! Over the years, my dad has had several cameras, mostly film, and now enjoys the ease (or lack thereof, at times!) of the digital age. Lately, he’s been working on converting slides to digital files. And this weekend, we’ll get to see the fruits of his labor. And we’ll have cake!
Happy Birthday, Dad!
I love you!
Before my walk down the aisle. Photo by Katie Collier.

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