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William | 6 days


I had the absolute honor of meeting gorgeous baby William and his proud parents, Seth and Becky.  And I can’t forget Will’s best friend and terrier pup, Boots, who just adores him!  I was warmly welcomed into their charming home for their adorable family session.  Will was such an easy going little guy, sleeping off and on while we watched him in complete awe.  Seth and Becky are wonderful parents and are oh so smitten with their little one!  It was such a joy to witness.  This session was filled with many personal items that remind them of their family members who have passed on.  In fact, Will was named in honor of his Grandfather.  Family is so important, and this one certainly values those special relationships shared with loved ones and friends.  We started out in Will’s bright and modern nursery.  Despite the lack of sleep in those first few days, Becky and Seth were so happy, full of smiles and laughs, joy and wonder at their sweet baby boy. Without further adieu, please welcome baby Will and his amazing family!  Family and friends can view their entire online gallery here (Coming Soon!).

Starting with a favorite!

Hi there, Boots! 🙂
Don’t you just love Will’s nursery?

Another favorite!

Tiny little fingers!
Love this!

Then it was time to snuggle some more with Mommy and Daddy!
Isn’t their bedroom beautiful?  I love their headboard!
Look at that little foot! 


A little yawn!

Gah! Another favorite.  Becky, you are beautiful!

 Such a happy momma! 

I just love sweet little baby feet and toes!  Too cute!

Snug as a bug!  A little completely adorable bug!

His first pair of boots, a gift from his Grandmother and a symbolic reminder of his late Grandfather.  

These special necklaces belonged to another Grandfather.  See what I mean?  Family is so important 
to them.  No doubt that this little guy will learn all about his family history as he grows up.  

I’ll end this post with yet another favorite.  At the end of the session, Boots was permitted to lay next to his baby brother on the softest, coziest, fluffiest white blanket for this special occasion.  As I snapped away, Boots eyes became heavy and he started to snooze away!  He was so content to be next to Will and did not want to move from such a happy place!  We were all laughing (as quietly as we could!) at just how fast he fell asleep!  

Seth and Becky, it was so wonderful to meet you and your sweet little bundle of joy, Will!  
Thank you for allowing me the honor of documenting this very special time in your lives. 
Will is absolutely precious, and such a little sweetheart!  Can’t wait to see you all again!
P.S. Boots, you are a sweetheart too! 🙂

  1. Anonymous says:

    INCREDIBLE!!! Absolutely LOVE all your pics of this BEAUTIFUL family!!! I know you love your job and it shows …. 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    What wonderful photo's! A loving family with Boots too. I loved everyone of them and looking forward to seeing more!! Grandma Cathy

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