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Wheels: Details and Abstractions


March 6, 2009
Westfield, IN

This cloudy, dreary day lent itself to some fun photos of some of my husband’s project cars. Reggie wants some of these photos to be printed and framed to display in his shop! Here are some of my personal favorites.

More of these types of shots to come in the future…stay tuned!

Edited 03/13/09 to add: Images 1, 2, and 4 are taken from a 1973 BMW 2002 that we bought in St. Louis. Image 3 is from our 1984 BMW 318i. Image 5 is from a newer wheel. Image 6 is from Reggie’s newest project, the 1969 BMW 2002. Parts from the 1973 car will be used on the 1969 car.

  1. Becky says:

    Cool detail shots!

  2. love these! i think the first one is my favorite!

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