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Westfield Family Portraits // A Snowy Winter Family Session // Marisa + James + Clayton + Aaliyah // Sneak Peek!


“I would love to do photos in the snow!  I love snow!”  Ok, so I’m paraphrasing here, however, my sweet and beautiful friend, Marisa, shared what she had envisioned for her next family portrait session as we chatted during a play date with our kiddos some time last year. After all, she has traveled all over the world, including Iceland and Alaska, seeing snow in epic proportions and across breathtaking landscapes.  And with our most recent snowfall, we knew this would be the perfect time!  We had the perfect conditions for capturing portraits with little ones during winter — sunshine, no wind, and 37 degree temps!  The kiddos had fun dancing in the snow, Happy Feet style!  I was told they’ve been watching that movie on repeat lately!  We worked quickly and had such a fun time!  I told Marisa I would happily go along with her ideas anytime!  Marisa, James, Clayton, Aaliyah, you are so much fun to hang out with and to explore the snow-covered creek and trails with on a winter’s day!  Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

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