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Wedding: Candice + Patrick


It was a Friday afternoon. The phone rang.  A nervous, yet excited voice on the other end mentioned that he was getting married and needed a wedding photographer…for a Tuesday afternoon wedding in September. I loved hearing the excitement in the groom’s voice as he described their upcoming wedding details and venue.  I remember hearing him say something about a little white chapel, enclosed by a white picket fence, surrounded by grass and woods.  Oh, and they would be surrounded by 60 of their closest friends and family members.  It was like the chimes of wedding photography heaven rang in a harmonious symphony!  Ok, maybe I’m being a little over-dramatic, but I knew this wedding would be nothing short of fabulous.  And what a fabulous day they had, the bride and her groom. Oh, Candice and Patrick!  Under the blue sky, as witnessed by the people dearest to them, they vowed to spend forever making each other happy.  And as you’ll see by their smiling faces in the images below, they’ll indeed love every minute of forever.  Together.  Congratulations, Candice and Patrick!  And thank you so much for the honor of allowing me to capture your special day!

Patrick has this cool 1937 Cadillac, which you’ll see more of later.

Off to the ceremony!

Quite possibly the most adorable wedding venue!

These two were all smiles, from the moment they arrived at the ceremony site, just non-stop smiling!
Love it!

They’re even smiling as they kiss! 

I adore this series!  Just after their recessional! So incredibly sweet and perfect!

As guests departed the chapel, these two made a run for it!

A sweet congratulatory kiss from her father, love this one!

After some family portraits, the guests were off to the reception.  
Meanwhile, Candice and Patrick had planned plenty of time for photos of just the two of them, that we would not have been able to capture otherwise.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  
(Future Brides, please consider allowing plenty of photo time for you and your husband to relax and just be together…trust me on this!  If it’s before the ceremony, after the ceremony, whenever, just be sure to plan for it!  It’s so worth it! Ok, off my soapbox now!  🙂  )

I’m sure Patrick won’t mind my sharing this, only because it is so sweet, I think his new bride would love to hear it…Soon after the wedding, I had been in correspondence with the groom, and he wrote this regarding his newly minted bride: “Thanks again for coming to shoot the wedding…I agree that it was beautiful, my lady has a way of doing that to every day.”  

It was so much fun to watch the two of them together, enjoying newlywed bliss…just walking, laughing, kissing, twirling…together.
Patrick is so dashing…one look from him, and she has no choice but to steal a kiss.  

 A favorite, of course!  Love their wedding shoes!

 Candice, you are beautiful.  Beautiful!

Don’t you love the way Patrick holds her?

They smiled and laughed as they looked the gorgeous new rings that now grace their fingers.  
Yesss, we’re married!!!!!
I love their rings, so unique!

Butterflies were everywhere, as if on cue.

Then it was time to head off to the reception to sign the Marriage Certificate!

 Candice and Patrick used the same cake knife that had been present at five family weddings since 1972 and several family wedding anniversaries!  What a perfect heirloom!

How could I resist these shoes? And the light?  I just couldn’t resist!  

And more photo time with that sweet 1937 Cadillac!

Love this one! 

 You two are just too sweet together.  I love it!!!

Candice and Patrick, what an amazing wedding!  
And what a wonderful circle of family and friends you have around you, 
everyone is so sweet and so nice!
Thank you again for letting me witness the love and happiness of your wedding day.
I wish you all the very best!  Congratulations!!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    These wedding photos are FANTASTIC!!! I love them all!!!
    Great job!!!


  2. I'm Kristen says:

    The pictures in the car are really cute. Great job capturing the day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The ring shots and them in the car are great!

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