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The New Stewart Imagery Website is LIVE!


It’s the First Day of Spring, and after a morning of clouds and rain, I can see the sun shining outside my window!  I love it!  It’s been an exciting few days around here because on Friday, my new and improved website went LIVE!  Cue the confetti! Hooray!!! It feels so wonderful to have this project finally checked off of my to-do list!  Many, many thanks to Ryan of Second Street Creative for all of his hard work, attention to detail, and patience with me throughout this entire process!

Some of my favorite parts of the new website is that it contains my portfolio and blog all in one place!  Also, all posts have been sorted into fewer, easier to find categories, like Business, Engagement, Families + Kids, Maternity, Weddings, and more!  Click around and leave a note in the comments with any thoughts or feedback!  I’ve learned that this is going to be an ongoing work in progress, and I’m ok with that!

Another feature that I adore is the Praise page!  I am so thankful for my sweet clients who have taken the time to share their hearts and put into words what their experience with me has been like for them!  I have been moved to tears over and over by their comments, and I count my lucky stars to do what I love each day!  Because these amazing people have shared my name with their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, I continue to meet and work with even more wonderful people!

I cannot wait to share more on this new home of mine on the internet!  Thank you to all who have followed along, it has meant the world to me!  Cheers to this pretty new space and what’s in store for Stewart Imagery!   Happy Spring, indeed!

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