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Teachers’ Treasures | Dream Big 2013


Just a few short weeks ago, I had the honor of photographing another amazing event for Teachers’ Treasures at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.  This was my fourth time documenting this event, and it never gets old! The people who make this event happen truly care about their mission, and it’s wonderful to see!

“Teachers’ Treasures helps at-risk children get the materials they need to succeed in school by providing teachers with donated educational supplies for use by the students in their classrooms.”

And now for some favorites from the evening!  Event attendees can view the entire online gallery here.

Guests dined and enjoyed cocktails as they explored the museum exhibits. 

Then it was time for the evening’s awards presentation. 

Congratulations to Teacher of the Year, Miss Natalie Unger!
Bob Moeder was presented with an Award of Appreciation for all that he has done to further the mission of Teachers’ Treasures.  Congratulations, Mr. Moeder! 

Winner of the 2013 Caring Spirit Award, Dr. Woodrow Myers!  The Caring Spirit award is a prestigious one.  It serves “to highlight the work of one outstanding individual in the community who has significantly impacted the lives of at-risk children and improved educational opportunities.”
Congratulations, Dr. Myers!

Debra Samples, 2012 Teacher of the Year, called the guests to Dream Big and to ask for their continued support.  

The band provided wonderful entertainment throughout the event!

To see more from Dream Big 2013, please feel free to watch this Slideshow: 

A huge thank you to Barb Sweeney and all of Teachers’ Treasures for their hospitality!  And thank you
for reminding me and everyone there that dreams do come true!  
To learn more about Teachers’ Treasures, please visit their website

  1. Anonymous says:

    WONDERFUL pics … beautiful location too!!! Thank goodness for these terrific teachers that we have.


  2. music says:

    Amazing Blog !!

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