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Sweet Peonies!


If you’ve followed my work and my blog for awhile, you may have learned that I am a big fan of peonies!  More like I’m obsessed with them!  A few years ago, my parents shared some of their peony bushes with us.  These plants have been in our family for years and years.  And they are just beautiful!  I remember growing up with them along the south side of our house and in a few places around our backyard.  A palette of white, pale pink, and deep magenta beauties.  And in these past few years, our peony bushes have grown and grown, each year producing more and more blooms, bigger than the previous spring.  They are fluffy and fragrant and delicate, and yet quite hearty.  And I love them so much!  For our wedding day, I carried a lovely bouquet of white peonies, cream roses, cream ranunculus, and greenery…it was so romantic and perfect – and to be a broken record! – oh so beautiful!  This summer we have loved sharing them with friends and neighbors to brighten their day.  At one point, I had at least 5 different vases of peony blooms throughout our house.  Nothing cheers up a room quite like some colorful flowers!  Don’t you agree?  While their blooming season seems way too short, they provided us with something pretty to share as well as to photograph, and that is a win-win in my book!  A sneak peek is hidden in the images below that are part of a fun project I worked on during the height of the quarantine, and I look forward to sharing more soon! I’ll be adding a few of these imagesto The Print Shop, which is my online gallery of images that can be purchased for a special gift for a friend or loved one or to hang in your own home!  I’ve also added some new travel photos that you may wish to check out!  To view the gallery, please click here!

What is one of your favorite flowers?  Do you have a childhood or special memory attached to a favorite bloom?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Summer, friends!



  1. Marcie Muller says:

    LOVE!!!  This is my favorite flower too!

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