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Stewart Baby #2 | Pink or Blue?


Earlier this Spring, we learned that we’d be expecting a new addition to our family!  We let Remington in on the news right away, because we know that with a new baby comes some big changes and periods of adjustment.  Santa Claus will be pretty busy this season… Our due date is 12/25/15!  We had a perfect summer night to capture this exciting time!  On Monday, we found out if we’ll be decorating the nursery with pink or blue!  Keep reading! 😉

My handsome guys!

Reggie captured some of the sweetest photos that I will always cherish!  Remington has been giving hugs and kisses to the baby since finding out he’ll be a big brother.  And it just melts my heart!

Remington’s favorite cuddly friend had to come along… Hi Goldie!

Drumroll, please!  It’s a BOY!!!

I told Remington I had some surprises in store for him during our session.  Confetti!!!
And by the looks of the image on the right, he’s going to be a great big brother!  Poor Goldie was getting covered in blue confetti! 😉

Then it was time for blue silly string!  Once he got the hang of pressing the button, he was unstoppable!

Yay for boys!  We’re so excited that Remington will have a little brother!  He’ll be able to share all of his cars, trucks, and trains with him! 😉  We truly feel blessed and can’t wait to meet the little guy!
Thank you to Reggie and my parents for helping with this special session, and for cleaning up all of the confetti and silly string!  Love you all to pieces!

  1. Anonymous says:

    GREAT blog & the pics turned out GREAT too!!! We are so very HAPPY & EXCITED about Baby Stewart!!! LOVE all of you!!!


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