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Something about Lucy


Reggie came home from hanging out with friends.  He mentioned there was some stuff for sale that he saw on his way home, including a vintage green chair.  So we hopped in the car to go take a look.  Stuff of all sorts was scattered about the makeshift yard sale.  We were about ready to go when I saw a crate.  I peeked inside and saw some blankets and a pillow.  Nothing else.  I took a step away, then had to go back and take a second look.  In the back corner of the crate, this little furry one was panting and curious.  Curious about me.  Why was I staring at her?  The gentleman selling his wares was very friendly.  I asked his puppy’s name, and he answered, “For Sale!”  It was hot out, and we were just about to leave and run some errands.  We paid for the green chair and few other odds and ends before heading to our next stop.  As we drove away, Reggie said, “Should we get a puppy?”  We have been talking about getting a dog for quite some time.  And there was a cute little one waiting for a good home.  We drove a little more, thinking about what all she would need.  And thinking about what Lola would have to say about it.  We couldn’t stop thinking about the puppy, so we made a u-turn and went back to see if she was still there.  As we pulled up, the gentleman seemed a little surprised to see us back so soon.  We inquired about the puppy.  Reggie opened the crate and slowly reached inside to greet the little one.  She hopped to the front of the crate to get a closer look at us.  After Reggie held her, it was my turn.  She wiggled a little in my arms, and then just relaxed, like she had been there forever.  And that was it.  We were smitten.  There’s just something about Lucy. 

Happy Monday!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, she looks really SWEET!!! I know how it is to fall in love with a puppy because we've had some too. Welcome, Lucy!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    They choose us! We don't choose them. She is soooo cute. Glad to hear Lola is handling her new sibling with dignity! 🙂


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