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Snow Day


We’ve seen an abundance of snow here lately in the Midwest. And it has been so beautiful! Minus the dirty, crusty snow edging the roads, but oh well… Last week, my husband and I enjoyed our own Snow Day. After doing some cleaning around the house, we got bundled up in our warmest winter gear, loaded up a toboggan, and went sledding. It was a lot of fun! Here are a few pictures from our afternoon.

The nearby sledding hill was quite busy!
It was great to so many people enjoying the snow.

Reggie throws up some snow as he flies down the hill.
This particular sled is actually used on water, but it works here too!
I didn’t take any photos of our toboggan this time…maybe soon!

Barren trees covered with a thick blanket of powdery, white snow.

Have you been sledding or playing in the snow recently? Leave a comment to share your story!
Have a great weekend!

  1. How fun, great pictures. I can't wait til spring though!!!

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