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Sneak Peek: Senior: Bryan


Meet Bryan, Senior Class of 2011!  We had the perfect fall afternoon for his Senior Session!  It was such a fun day, and quite special to me because Bryan is my cousin.  I remember when he was born, when I felt strong because I could lift him with straight arms…then the next thing I knew, he was taller than me and could beat me at arm wrestling and just about any game that we played!  I absolutely love my family, and I’ve been blessed with 3 amazing cousins, all boys, who are all super talented, athletic, intelligent, witty, caring, humble, down to earth, and handsome.  Bryan is one of the three, and I’m so proud to call him my cousin and friend.  It was truly an honor for me to take his senior photos, and I’ll never forget it.  Bryan, here is your Sneak Peek, with many more to come soon!  Best wishes for a Happy Fall Break!  And good luck this weekend at your college visit…I’ll be cheering for you!

 Bryan has a great smile.  I love this one.

And he can be serious too.  He rocked his entire session…I have so many favorites!

 What a great smile…and those eyes! 

Favorite! 🙂

 Some passers-by thought I was crazy to be out in the middle of the street…it was worth it!

 Bryan loves baseball, and is one heck of a pitcher.  If I remember correctly, he’s throwing in the high 80’s and keeps getting faster and faster.  Very impressive!
As I  mentioned, my cousins are great at everything they do.

This one was Bryan’s idea…and I just love it.  
We got to be on the field for these, which was pretty cool.

Bryan, thank you for such an awesome afternoon!  It was so fun to hang out! 
I’m so proud of you!
And a special thank you to Bryan’s personal stylist and my two assistants – you guys are the best! 😉
  1. Anonymous says:

    These pictures are FANTASTIC!!! He's so HANDSOME .. GREAT job Stephanie!!!


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