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Sneak Peek: Family: John + Lana + Harrison + Louree + Greer + Parker


I know I say that I love my job all the time, but, honestly, I truly do love my job!!!  Why? Simply because I get to meet and hang out with cool people…like this family!  They showed up ready to rock their evening session.  Here are some of my favorites!

Love this! Such a good looking family!
Hello, Greer and Parker!

 Lovely Louree!  A beautiful name (pronounced like Marie, with an “L”), a gorgeous smile, 
sparkling eyes, and killer boots!

 Hi there, Parker!  I absolutely adore her smile! 
And, this whole family is just blessed with amazing, soulful eyes!

Meet Greer.  She is beautiful!  Although she is quite, her eyes tell a story. 
And she picked this awesome spot on her own, bravely climbed right up, and worked it out
Lana + John, you two are so cute!

 And here’s Harrison!  What a handsome guy!
Another favorite!  I love a happy family!

 Thank you, John, Lana, Harrison, Louree, Greer, and Parker…what a great evening!  
Thanks for being up for anything, and making your session so much fun!  
Can’t wait for you to see the rest of your images…more to come soon!
  1. Anonymous says:

    These pics are all GREAT!!! What a BEAUTIFUL family!!!


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