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Sneak Peek: Family: Chris + Celina + Cobe + Cailey + Carley + Rich + Karen + Luke + Ashley


The forecast called for afternoon showers, which totally conflicted with my plans to meet up with this next family.  Dark clouds loomed, rain drops fell. The sky gave way for a short while, and then it stopped.  Despite the gray weather, I knew this session would be great.  Another reason shined brighter though. I was greeted with a warm hug by Celina.  She told me she was a hugger.  We had only spoken on the phone a few times and traded planning emails prior to this meeting. And that’s how I knew, from that moment, we were in for a fun session.  Please give a warm welcome to this amazing family: Chris, Celina, Cobe, Cailey, Carley, Rich, Karen, Luke, and Ashley!  You guys were so much fun!  I can’t wait to see you all again!  And now for some images!

Cailey, Cobe, and Carley!

 Karen and Rich, you two are adorable!  And surrounded by such a wonderful family!
Karen and Rich are proud parents of Celina and Luke, proud grandparents of Cobe, Cailey, 
and Carley, and proud parents-in-law (I think I just made that up!) to Chris and Ashley. 
Truly a loving bunch. A fun loving bunch!

 Celina and Chris, the hugger and the smile-maker (more on that later!)

 Luke is Celina’s brother.  He and Ashley were married back in September. What a sweet couple!
Cobe is 11, and a great big brother.  
With those eyes and that smile, all the girls will be after you, Cobe!

 Cailey’s 8, and quite a beauty.

And this little 5 year old sweetheart is Carley.  Don’t you love her blond curls? 
The ladies for the camera! 

As did the fellas…I’ll be sending this one to GQ ASAP, as you requested. 😉

 This family is very close, enjoying time together on the weekends hanging out.
They were so thrilled when Ashley joined their family, especially Cailey…

 …and Carley! 

 And they are totally smitten with their Uncle Luke.

 I love this one!


 The kids wanted their photo with Luke and Ashley…

…and then came the leaves!
Celina and her girls, Chris and his little guy. 

 Remember earlier when I called Chris the “smile-maker”?  This is why!

I absolutely love this one.  
Grandfather and grandson on a walk along a colorful path. 

 Ashley and Luke.  I love the quietness of your love. 



It was as if the red berries on the trees were there just for them! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you all for such a great session!  
And thank you for making me feel like part of the family as well.  
Please keep smiling, hugging, and laughing, because it’s contagious. 🙂
I’m looking forward to seeing you all again soon! You’re the best!
  1. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely LOVE these family pictures!!! GREAT job, Stephanie!!!

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