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Sisters: Avery + Piper


I was beyond excited when Lindsay contacted me to do some special portraits of her beautiful daughters!  After all, I was thrilled to work with them last fall and the previous year with their tremendously fun family.  I love smiling, happy families, and this one is definitely one of them!  As I was saying, Lindsay asked me to capture these two sisters to celebrate their birthdays.  Avery is now 5 years old, and her younger sis, Piper, is two.  Avery is enthusiastic, energetic, and loves to have fun.   Piper is pensive, curious, and loves to explore her surroundings.  They are both sweet, adorable, and know how to work it out for the camera!  I just love seeing how they’ve grown since our last session, and I am incredibly excited to share the following images from their session (check out their Sneak Peek too!).  Lindsay asked for something fun and creative, and I’ve been wanting to do this more stylized, vintage, dress-up theme for quite some time, and she loved the idea.  So, we made it happen!  Without further adieu, please welcome Avery and Piper!

Such a perfect smile!

See, I told you Piper is pensive!  Love this!

These girls totally rocked their accessories!

A favorite!

Piper, you are beautiful!

And, Avery, you are just a doll!

I can’t get over those gorgeous eyes! 

Can these sisters be any more amazing?!
Avery + Vintage lace curtains + Sunshine = Perfection

Piper and her reflection wait patiently for spring…

You two are just fabulous!

So sweet!

One of my favorite images of all time!

Avery and Piper, I hope you had a fun time, I know I did!  And I learned a few things, like the Statue of Liberty pose and some other tricks. 😉  You are both so sweet and so beautiful, and I hope you both had fantastically Happy Birthdays!  See you soon!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I love, love, love them! Thanks, Stephanie!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh….these are so very AMAZING!!! These girls are so adorable!!! Love them all!!!


  3. Beth says:

    What a pair of great models! Fabulous job by all 3 of you!

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