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Seniors | Class of 2014 | Andy + Libby + Rachel


I’ve been so excited to share more from this next senior session!  Please welcome beautiful triplets, Andrea (Andy), Elizabeth (Libby), and Rachel!  We had the most beautiful early fall afternoon for their senior session around the incredible grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  They traveled a couple of hours to make this super fun session happen, and I’m beyond thrilled that we met and had such a wonderful time!  Andy, Libby, and Rachel, it was so much fun getting to know you!  I love that you each have your own unique style and you let it shine.  You are all so sweet, so down to earth, and just beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful!  Thank you for choosing me to document this exciting time in your lives, it was truly an honor!  I have three times the favorites, so please sit back, relax, and get ready for this gorgeous trio!  Family and friends can view their entire online gallery here.

I knew we were in for an awesome session when you get frames like these within the first few minutes!  
Hello, Libby!  Libby is the middle sister.
Don’t you love Rachel’s vintage dress?  
She’s the youngest.  Ok, ok, they were only seconds apart, but still.  😉

And Miss Andy!  She was born first!
You’ll probably notice that these young ladies all have such stunning eyes.  

Rachel!!!  This is one of my absolute favorites of you!  Sooo pretty!

Charlie is such a cutie!  Andy, you’re gorgeous!

One of my favorites of Libby.

Seriously beautiful.  

A favorite of Andy!  

Love both of these!

Another favorite!

It was so much fun seeing these sisters interact.  They get along so well, 
and they love to be silly and have fun!

Another favorite.  As soon as I clicked the shutter, I just knew it would be!

 Another favorite!
Hey there, Charlie!  You are so cute!!!

Andy brought along some glitter for a little fun!  Such a creative idea!  
One more favorite!  Love you girls!  
Thank you for being so much fun 
and for just being you in front of the camera!  Can’t wait to see you again soon!
  1. Anonymous says:

    FABULOUS !!! IMA is such a BEAUTIFUL place for pics. The girls are so PRETTY and they seem to be having a GREAT time!!!


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