Remington | 13 months

It has been a while since I blogged photos of my sweet baby boy, Remington!  He is now a walking, almost running 15 month old toddler, who loves chasing Lucy and Lola around the house!  Reggie and I never realized just how much joy he would bring to our lives!  Remington is a sweetheart, he loves to cuddle and play and knows just how to flash those sparkling blue eyes of his to make me melt!  Here are some favorites from the quickest of sessions right around Halloween and during the peek of fall at 13 months old.  I was determined to get one – just one! – family photo!  Luckily, the stars aligned and we got a few on a beautiful November afternoon!  That meant I could check Family Holiday Cards off my to-do list!  Hooray!

Remington’s Great Aunt Sally sent him an adorable baseball outfit for his birthday…so that was his Halloween costume! 🙂
He was a little less than thrilled at having Halloween portraits…he would have rather played with my light stand that was across the room!  There is something about this one that seems like an old time baseball portrait.  

However, he did give me some seriously adorable expressions!

Our son loves to be barefoot!  

He found a beautiful big yellow leaf and was so proud of it!

A few days later, despite all the rain we got over Halloween, there were still 
some lovely leaves left on the trees!  
My two handsome guys!!!  Reggie took some amazing photos of me and my little pumpkin!

 Remington loves to “fly” and go upside down!

Again, my hubby is so good with a camera!  I absolutely love this photo!  
It is going to be framed on my desk! 
Lucy joined us too!  Perhaps next time we’ll get Lola the cat to cooperate! 😉 
A girl can dream, right?!

Reggie, Remington, and Lucy, thank you for being the best family I could ever hope for!  And thank you for being such good sports for our family photos!  Love you all to pieces!

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  • AnonymousDecember 20, 2013 - 9:34 PM

    So ADORABLE!!! LOVE this family with all my heart, even Lucy!!!



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