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Plum Creek Golf Club Wedding: Jenny + Eric


Fall 2009: Her voice was happy and upbeat.  On the other end of the phone, I could tell she was smiling.  For she was talking about marrying the man of her dreams.  Jenny and her fiance were finishing up school, so we decided to keep in touch and meet as soon as our schedules allowed.

Fast forward to Summer 2010:  Happy, upbeat Jenny and I arranged to meet at the local coffee shop to talk about her wedding.  The day she had been envisioning ever since she knew that he was The One.  They walked inside, hand in hand, and sat down at the table.  Jenny and Eric were beaming.  And from that moment I knew their wedding would be so incredibly special.  We clicked instantly, and talked quickly and excitedly about all the details they were planning. 

Summer 2011:  Jenny and Eric’s Wedding Day had finally arrived!   All the planning had paid off.  And their dream of an outdoor wedding was becoming a reality.  Except one thing…the weather.  More on this in a minute…

Jenny and Eric, I’m so happy that our paths crossed!  I wish you all the best as you start this exciting new chapter in your lives together.  I hope your honeymoon in Cabo was all that you dreamed and more!  And now for the images!  Family and friends, please feel free to view Jenny and Eric’s online gallery.

Jenny, her bridesmaids, and future Mother-in-law started the morning getting ready at 541 Salon.  

  I loved Jenny’s Mom’s reaction to seeing her daughter for the first time on her wedding day!

What better way to start celebrating the special day than with a bubbly toast? 
The bride’s fabulous makeup was expertly applied by Sara Brown of Skin Ritual.

Jenny’s sister and Matron of Honor, Lauren, and bridesmaid, Jamie, watch as Jenny’s makeup artist works and shares some makeup tips.  


 Meghan, another beautiful bridesmaid.  And lovely Lauren laughing and having fun!


 Time for the veil!

Then it was time to make our way to Plum Creek Golf Club for photos with Eric and the groomsmen.  What a handsome bunch!


 Meanwhile, Jenny was getting ready in a secluded location. 

Jenny loves pink…and so do I!  Those flowers, those shoes!  Love, love, love!

Once the guys were hidden away, it was time for Jenny and her ‘maids to work it out for the camera.  

 Nicolette, the adorable flower girl!

Jenny, you are beautiful.  Sooo beautiful!

 Off to the ceremony!

Remember the one thing I mentioned at the beginning of Jenny and Eric’s story?  Well…the day started off with a mix of clouds and sun. As the ceremony drew closer, so did the clouds.  And rain. And wind.  Minutes before the ceremony got underway, guests were rushed inside Plum Creek Golf Club as rain drops poured from the sky.  Jenny and Eric had chosen not to see each other before the ceremony.  Messengers with weather reports darted back and forth from Jenny’s bridal suite to Eric’s room.  It looked like the rain may pass right over if they waited 25 minutes or so.  And that’s just what they did!  What a delightful day it turned out to be!

Jenny and Eric’s high school string quartet played beautifully during the ceremony.

 The groomsmen played a bit of a prank on the bride…they suddenly had misplaced the rings!  After the scare of rain, this was such a funny, lighthearted moment that set the tone for the fun evening ahead.


 Just moments after walking down the aisle…so sweet!

 Nicolette was the first to run over and congratulate her favorite bride!

 While the guests enjoyed cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres, we set off to make some portraits of just the two of them around the perfectly kept grounds of the golf course.

 We hopped on golf carts and zipped away to a cool location.

 GAH!!!! You two are gorgeous.  Favorite!



 Then it was time to head back to get the party started!

Jenny and Eric did a fabulous job of beautifully coordinating each and every detail of their day. 

 First dance! 

 The weather was perfect the rest of the day, so we made good use of the beautiful evening light. 

This bridal party worked it out!  

 According to predictions, the world was supposed to end this day.  And zombies were going to take over the earth…or something like that.  So I asked Meghan, Nick, Jamie, Mike, Lauren, and Chad (Best Man) to do their best zombie impersonation…

 …however, this group is just too looking and too happy to really pull off the scary, horrifying 
zombie look. 😉  Thank you for being such fun! 

Hip-hip Hooray!!!


I love this next series on the steps…


This crowd danced the night away. All night long. Oh yeah!

The “little bit softer now” part of Shout!

Jenny and Eric, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to capture your wedding day!  You are both such nice people, and I loved getting to know your family and friends.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of bliss!
P.S.  A huge thank you to my best friend and husband, Reggie, for assisting and shooting this day.  And for driving the golf cart like a pro!  I love you so much!  xo
  1. Anonymous says:

    These photos are absolutely STUNNING!!! The bride is BEAUTIFUL and the groom is HANDSOME!!! I LOVE the pinks!!!

    GREAT job, Stephanie!!!


  2. Mary Marantz says:

    That bouquet is GORGEOUS! Love the pink! xoxo

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