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Our Nashville Getaway


Last week I celebrated another birthday.  It was a special one, my first one as a new Mom!  Remington gave me lots of extra reasons to smile on my special day.  And Reggie surprised me with an iPhone and a roaptrip to Nashville!  It was our first trip without taking Remington along – he had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa!  While we were only gone one night, we sure did miss our little guy!  We made certain to document our time with fun photos using Instagram:

Reggie is the best at giving personal, thoughtful gifts!  I was beyond excited when he surprised me with a little getaway for just the two of us!  We both love antiquing and hunting for unique pieces that get our creative side going. He wanted this trip to be inspiring as we continue to search for our next home.  He also knew that I’d love to visit one spot in particular in the Music City.  More on that in a minute!

Our first stop was at The Most Awesome Flea Market in the World!  It was a crisp sunny morning, so we strolled up and down the outdoor portion before heading inside.  Whoa!  It was a huge building, filled with all sorts of stuff, and since we only had a short time, we decided to keep moving down the road.  We finally arrived in Nashville just in time for some lunch at Rooster’s, seen on Travel Channel’s Man v. Food.  I highly recommend the Diablo Shrimp appetizer!  Yum!  

Next, we visited some local antique shops before going to Antique Archaeology in Marathon Village.  Reggie and I love watching American Pickers, so he knew I would definitely enjoy going to see their Nashville store.  A local band played while fans and shoppers spotted several of the vintage items ‘picked’ on the show.  After taking in a nice afternoon nap, the sun set on Nashville, and we set out for a night on the town.  We tried the city’s best burger at Rotier’s – a must try!  A perfectly grilled cheeseburger on French bread with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and mustard.  Sooo good!  We visited Robert’s Western World, and listened to live music by the Don Kelley Band.  Reggie picked up their CD, which served as the soundtrack on our way home. The neon lights along Broadway were so colorful and fun to see.  People filled the sidewalks, and always seemed to smile as they made their way to hear their favorite bands play on a Saturday night.

The sunlight streamed into our room on Sunday morning, and we made our way to breakfast at Fido, which we found out later happens to be one of Taylor Swift’s favorite spots.   Reggie and I both tried their breakfast specials.  I had the Special Scramble – a wonderful melange of eggs, spinach, bacon, grilled onions, and cheese with hash browns and toast on the side.  Poached eggs, spinach, and homemade hollandaise sauce paired with grits and toast made Reggie smile from ear to ear – he loves eggs Benedict, and their Bayou Benedict did not disappoint!  Nashville is known for good food, really good food – and for this reason alone we would definitely go back!  Before leaving Nashville, we drove by the Parthenon, home to the city’s art museum (we’ll have to visit next time!).  Then it was time to head home to tell our little guy all about our travels…ok, so we didn’t really tell him about our trip because we were too busy showering him with hugs and kisses and “did you grow while we were away?!

Thank you to my parents for watching our sweet baby boy!  And thank you to Reggie for making this the best birthday yet!  I love you so much!

  1. i LOVE instagram! what is your IG handle? mine is @dvalndsy if you want to follow! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    So happy that you & Reggie took this little trip …. what SUPER memories you have and continue to make. We thank you for the "special" time with Remington while you were away. Love, Mom

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