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It’s been a little while since Lola has made an appearance here on the blog, so I thought I would make her day by posting just a few recent photos.  A couple weeks ago, we fired up the grill since it was a nice day.  We left the french door open, and Lola sat at the threshold, on the lookout for Spring.  She’s always really excited at this time of year since there is more activity just outside her window to keep her occupied.  She’s an indoor cat, but she gets more intrigued by the great outdoors…that is, until a chirping bird or barking dog is heard in the distance, sending her running back inside to safety. 

She’s learned to look both directions before making a move!

And on a recent rainy Sunday afternoon, this is how my husband found her…
she had curled up inside a blanket! Looks nice and cozy to me!  
Again, she’s always watching something, unless, of course, she’s snoozing.  
Her Sunday agenda is always the same: Catnap. 
It’s so fun to see what new spot she’ll make her own in the house.  Oh wait, I forgot, she thinks that she owns the whole house!  Silly me!  
Does your pet have a favorite location in your home to take a nap or to just chill out?  
Tell us about it!

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