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Noblesville Family Portraits // Mustard Seed Gardens // Garret + Ashley + Claire + Graham + Annie + Buddy


As soon as Ashley, our neighbor and sweet friend, inquired about getting family portraits to celebrate their newest four-legged, furry addition – Buddy, the golden retriever pup! – I was ohhh so excited!  We are lucky enough to live less than a hop, skip, and jump away from this kind-hearted family!  They love to entertain, they’re always up for an adventure, they love to cook and share delicious food, they’re funny and quick to smile, they love to laugh, they’re always up for good conversation… basically the kind of people you only dream of having as neighbors and friends! We had originally planned to meet a week later than this, however, after one look at the forecast for this picture perfect November day, we knew we had to go for it! (Pun definitely intended!) Mustard Seed Gardens made for the most beautiful late fall backdrop for this adorable party of 6, especially so that Buddy could roam and play and snooze whenever he wanted! And snooze he did!  It was so precious to see Buddy snuggle with each of his family members, to see him fall asleep in the soft green grass, to doze in Claire’s arms, and to make us chase him around for photos!  We didn’t let one drop of evening sunlight slip away, and oh my goodness, was it the most lovely evening!  Garret, Ashley, Claire, Graham, Annie, and Buddy, I’m so, so thankful to know you all!  You’re a beautiful family, radiating genuine happiness and joy, friendship and fun times, and so much more!  It was such an honor to photograph you and this special family time, including celebrating your 12th wedding anniversary!  Buddy is one lucky pup!  Sooo many favorites, as you’ll see…can you blame me?!

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